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  • English class
  • Outdoor learning
  • Art and recycling program
  • Nature conservation
  • Organic gardening


Volunteering with us

Share your skills to help empower the children in Gopeng. If you have the passion, be part of us.


Projek Senyum (Smile Project) is how we give back to the community. It is a non profit project focusing on children around Gopeng. This project is fully funded by Radak Adventure and Gopeng Guesthouse and Cafe. Among the programs conducted are: English class, outdoor learning, art and recycling program and nature conservation. Volunteers are welcomed to take part in the program.

Project Senyum is where the children can learn outdoor learning through fun activities and games. The highlight of this project is mainly about river conservation and to create awareness among public especially local people. Sungai Jahang is the main source of income for local people as it is one of the most popular attraction in Gopeng for watersports activities. The local young generations are the one who will continue the effort to protect the river.

We let the children learn by playing because we believe that children should go out and explore rather than just sitting and learning in the classroom. Our English class applies variety of methods  and lesson plans to expand vocabularies and develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, not focused on formal rules of grammar.

We also organize outdoor programs such as camping and trekking to let the children learn some surviving skill, learn how to be independent and to build their confidence.


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